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Why Choose Us?

When hiring a coordinator or planner, it’s important to consider their experience and knowledge of the industry- but it’s even more important to hire someone whose personality meshes well with yours and one who genuinely wants the best for you and your wedding. I hope you have gotten that vibe from me already! I have been blessed in a way that I was able to start this journey as a hobby instead of “just another job.” It’s something that I am very passionate about- and not just the wedding industry, but the passion to make others happy. That’s my end goal. The ultimate satisfaction for me is the couple trusting me to manage one of the biggest days of their lives. It’s almost impossible to convey into words but I was made for this! 


Why Hire Day Of Coordinator?

You've done all of the planning but you need someone to execute. That's where I come in. Think of me as the fairy Godmother who takes the responsibility of hosting your wedding off your shoulders. I will be the point of contact so you don’t need to answer a single question. Other vendors cannot give you their undivided attention throughout the entire day. That’s why even if you hire a great team of vendors, hiring a Day Of Coordinator is an investment into a peace of mind on the biggest day of your life. 


"Omg you are the best. Thank you!!! I still can't get over how perfect the day was, thanks to you. I want to relive it. "

- Alexis Liuzzi

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